A trusted voice

David Wylie is a 20-year veteran of the Canadian media industry.

Media is wired into his psyche.

As a news editor, he’s directed coverage on some of the biggest breaking news stories in Canada. As a writer, he’s amassed thousands of bylines in major publications across Canada on every topic under the sun.

But not all journalists have experience on both sides of the mic.

David has done just about every job there in the media – from reporter to news director; strategist to spokesman; photographer to video editor; social media manager to content producer.

He’s evolved with the times.

David has acted as spokesman for one of the biggest utilities in Canada, fielding questions from reporters on power outages, gas leaks, electricity rates, and the highly controversial smart meters. He’s been recruited as a media strategist during federal and provincial elections.

Throughout his career, David has gained unique and valuable insight into persuasive copy writing, media and advertising strategy, and social media management.