April 4 is ‘Talk Like Batman Day’ in Kelowna… officially!

The morning show duo at Kelowna’s Sun FM station, Sonia Sidhu and Kevin Lim, spearheaded a push to have April 4 proclaimed ‘Talk Like Batman Day.’

They started an online petition that states in part:

The internet loves to celebrate silly ideas. “Sandwich Day”, “Macaron Day”, “TPOWalk Like a Pirate Day”…so why not start our own? Introducing “Talk Like Batman Day”!

We think it’s time to honour one of the world’s greatest
crime-fighters in a fun way, AND get Kelowna on the map by being the first city to declare an official “Talk Like Batman Day” on April 4th.

Sounds like a solid plan to me.

They managed to get more than 200 signatures and Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray signed it into history.

Here’s the photo posted of Sidhu and Lim with the mayor on the pair’s blog:

batmanproclamationIf you’re wondering how to talk like Batman, Sun FM’s panel of experts recommends using a “grizzly-bear-that-got-punched-in-the-throat” voice.

I guess if you wanted to do it old-school Adam West-style, just bring a sign that says ‘POW’ or ‘BAM’ to work.

I had a fun exchange with them on Twitter with The Daily Courier account. Here’s the Storify because journalists love to Storify!

Here’s the brief we ran in the paper.


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