2017 bucket list

Rocky shore of Arrow Lake in Halcyon Hot Springs in B.C.’s West Kootenays. (David Wylie)

Things are more likely to happen if you write them down. Here’s an ongoing list of what I plan to accomplish (or get through luck) in 2017…

  1. Sleep under the stars on the West Coast trail
  2. Ski a black diamond run
  3. Get first aid certification
  4. Win $1,000+ jackpot on a lottery ticket
  5. Adopt a minimalist wardrobe
  6. Read at least 12 books – one a month
  7. Record a song
  8. Make a habit of eating local meat, local produce
  9. Get a product manufactured
  10. Snap a once in a lifetime photo
  11. Publish a story
  12. Ditch the belly
  13. Experience hot yoga & a gravity float

*will be updated as items are ticked/new ones are added

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