A backpack that does it all

UPDATE: November 2, 2017

After using The Everyday Backpack by Peak Design for nearly a year, I can say with experience that this bag is the bees knees. It has met my needs perfectly.

The old bag has joined my harem – yes, I am poly-amorous when it comes to packs; I embrace my gym bag, work satchel, and journalist pack… among others.

The durable, easily-customized backpack from Peak Designs has been to the top of a mountain, to news conferences and corporate headshot shoots. I’ve also used it as a hiking bag.

Would recommend heartily. 5/5


I’ve been looking for the right backpack for a long time.

As a journalist, I tend to carry two bags around – a messenger bag for my laptop and a backpack for my camera equipment.

It’s a pain in the butt, not to mention a pain in the back.

After hunting through outdoors stores, like Mountain Equipment Co-op, and camera stores, like Henry’s, I didn’t feel like I’d found the perfect bag. I needed something designed for camera gear, while versatile enough to switch between a ruck sack and a business bag.

I took a shot on The Everyday Backpack by Peak Designs.

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