5 off-the-cuff definitions for jargon

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Here are a handful of jargonish terms floating around my head, and my off the cuff definitions.

Minimum viable product.

This is the bare minimum you can do to launch your product. For myself, I initially thought this would take a few days. Then I realized probably a few weeks. Now I’m thinking months. I’m sure soon, I’ll realize it can easily take years to develop everything needed for a minimum viable product. Then again, I’m a serial procrastinator.

Sales funnel.

I learned about this one as a “click funnel.” They drive customers toward a sale. The examples I keep coming across are either a tease, clickbait, or worth seriously considering. The best ones make me want to hit purchase right away. The persuasive ones are often legit brands or I’ve heard their names from trusted sources. Beware the sleaze though.

Business model canvas.

This bit of jargony jargon comes via a book called Win Big or Lose Fast and website, Strategyzer. I like the idea, which is business plans take so damn long to produce that the idea is old by the time it launches. Instead, check off the key elements that it’s a viable business and proceed quickly.

Lead generation.

My work in commercial real estate makes leads a must. They are a contact number, email or other information about a customer. Getting leads is both art and science, especially when you’re trying to fish them out of the social media sea. Big companies make millions of dollars off this, most interesting to me, Strawhouse HQ’d in Kelowna.


A potential client threw this in offhandedly during a strategy interview I was conducting. Create synergy between staff and customers. I think a better word may be ‘relationship.’ That’s at the core of good customer service. Let’s face it, relationships are hard in business (and in love) – we are constantly weighing our options.


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