Grow your money, grow your garden

March book picks

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I’ve had money on the brain lately.

Saving cash is paramount to building wealth, so my library card is one of my favourite possessions. Many of my library choices this month focused on business and money. On the library receipts, along with the due dates, it shows how much I’ve saved so far in the year. I’m already near $1,000 saved in 2018. Thank you libraries!

Here are my favourite books from March.

The Narrow Road 
By Felix Dennis

Summed up as a brief guide to the getting of money, The Narrow Road is broken up into very brief nuggets of wisdom. The narrow road by felix dennis

Felix, himself a very wealthy media mogul, is stern and blunt with his advice. You can tell from the text that he does not suffer fools gladly. They are words from a realist and they are philosophical and practical.

I even cited it generously in my seventh speech for Toastmasters, which focuses on researching your topic.

The Simple Dollar
By Trent Hamm

The backstory is Trent the author found himself deep in credit card debt. One night, while sitting with his newborn baby, he had a come to Jesus moment re: money.

This book is his learnings and advice after paying off his debt and then saving enough money to leave his job to start a writing career. It started as his blog and grew into a book and profitable business.

I skimmed most of it, especially when the author followed his many rabbit trails. Still, it’s good advice from someone who managed to transition into a writing career.

Your Farm in the City
By Lisa Taylor

In the first few chapters, Lisa encourages us to dream and to envision.

I would love to have a small hobby farm one day, but it’s good to start small. This year, I have a little plot of land where I can make a little vegetable garden. Baby steps, right?

Your Farm in the City is an artistically laid out guide that covers a lot of topics in a way that’s very accessible for city mice like me who dream of being country mice.

I will be buying and adding to my resource library.

I’ll sign off with a few pics of my attempt to get seedlings started…




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