Five B.C. breweries you’ve got to try

British Columbia boasts some amazing craft beers.

About a year ago I generally stopped twisting the tops off mass produced brews and started sampling as many craft beers as I could get my bottle opener on. Here is a list of five B.C. breweries I love.

Look for them the next time you go out to buy beer and give them a try!

Parallel 49 Parallel

Started by three East Vancouver buddies who wanted to take something they loved doing — making beer — and start their own business. I always look forward to their distinct labels and creative names, like ‘Snap, Crackle Hop,’ ‘Banana Hammock’ and ‘Ugly Sweater’

My favourite: Russian Imperial Stout

Also try: Banana Hammock

Driftwood Brewerydriftwood-brewery

Growing steadily since 2008, Victoria-based Driftwood Brewery makes one of my favourite IPAs, Fat Tug. Something about this brewery just screams Vancouver Island – and it keeps me coming back for more B.C. handcrafted brew.

My favourite: Fat Tug

Also try: Singularity

Tree Brewingtree

Being from Kelowna, I realize this is like rooting for the home team. Tree’s Hop Head has been one of my go-to beers for a couple years. Also love to enjoy a pint of their Raspberry porter while at one of my regular haunts, Doc Willoughby’s in downtown Kelowna.

My favourite: Serendipity No. 8

Also try: Hop Head IPA

Phillips Beerphillips

Sporting a rocking website with a really cool beer fridge page, Phillips makes great beer out of Victoria. The brewery gets bonus points from me for relating their history in a limerick.

My favourite: Longboat Chocolate Porter

Also try: Blue Buck

Central Citycentral city

The Surrey brewery may be more known to most by their distinct Red Racer label, with its distinct redhead lady riding a bike. The brewery makes consistently good beer. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Central City beer I haven’t loved.

My Favourite: Red Racer ESB

Also try: Thor’s Hammer

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