Starting to assemble a 72-hour emergency kit

All the wildfires and storms lately got me thinking about being prepared in case something like that were to impact me and my family.

I’ve started to compile a 72-hour emergency kit. Soon it should contain non-perishable foods that we enjoy and lots of water and water containers; flashlights, candles; and other such items.

A couple days ago I received my emergency radio, which I think is pretty cool.

FRX3 - American Red Cross The multi-powered, multi-function, smartphone-charging, weather alert radio that lights your way

It’s an American Red Cross radio made by the company, eton. The radio is described as a “multi-powered, multi-function, smartphone-charging, weather alert radio that lights the way.”


  • All 7 NOAA weather band radio broadcast
  • AM, FM, WB digital radio with display
  • Bright long-lasting 3-LED flashlight
  • Red LED flashing beacon
  • AUX-input to play music from external MP3 player
  • AAA battery option
  • DC power input with the included mini-USB cable
  • Internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Headphone output
  • Back-lit display and illuminated buttons for easy readability
  • Alarm clock
  • LED flashlightSolar panel

Here are a few things to click on about being prepared:

A list of items that disaster group FEMA recommends
This guy is an apartment prepper and gives tips for smaller living spaces
Weird Al for fun, on the benefits of aluminum foil

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